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Mission Success! Minotaur-C Launches with six SkySats

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The Bradford ECAPS team consists of highly skilled researchers and engineers with a proven track record in the areas of design, manufacturing, testing and integration of both HPGP thrusters and complete liquid propulsion systems.

Upcoming Events

Minotaur-C launch – An upcoming launch of an Orbital ATK Minotaur-C rocket will be carrying six Planet SkySat satellites, each equipped with ECAPS-built propulsion systems. This will be the most significant launch to date for ECAPS ‘green’ propulsion systems, which lower costs for spacecraft builders by offering a non-toxic, easy-to-handle solution to their needs. The launch is scheduled to occur October 31st, 2017 out of Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. Key members of AIAC, ECAPS and Bradford Engineering will be in attendance.